Feb 12

(business + data) = science

Google's driverless carAgile enthousiasts are specialists of the development cycle: make it work, make it right, make it fast. This is not standard knowledge or even implemented in the higher educational system in western Europe. Agile was adopted by Sebastian Thrun when he saw Salman Khan ‘s intro at TED. Together with some collegues Thrun is building a platform for free technology courses called . What happened? Inspired by Khan, Sebastian Thrun, a former tenured professor in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford, came aware of the individual engagement performance of on-line video (lecture-)quizing. With the free on-line artificial intelligence (AI-class) Sebastion Thrun reached a 160.000 students in one on-line class. He presented his findings at DLD. Februari 20th enrolls its next classes: building a search engine and programming a robotic car. Lees verder »